TimeSuite - Tax Table Updates                              Link to Release Notes


If you are using our cloud servers, we do the updates for you.


Because of the recent tax law changes, the federal tax tables will not be released until later in January 2018 with a required implementation sometime in February. Some of the states are also releasing tax tables later in January. We will update the tax tables, and provide you with the updates when they becomes available.


We've updated the states that have released changes.


Please note that we have many changes to the Toolbox interface. The Toolbox changes primarily have modifications on how transactions are saved, and the new SQL Anywhere database upgrade.


You must updated the Toolbox executables when you do your database and reports update.


Please follow the instructions on the Release Notes page for the database update and the reports update.


Here is a link for the Reapply Toolbox Program Update. A link is also toward the bottom of the Release Notes page:


You can alternatively call into support, and have us do the updates for you.


Other Information About Year End Updates
  • The social security administration initially released a slightly different FICA threshold. Our initial tax table updates included the initial threshold. We've updated that initial tax table release to include the modified threshold. Please be sure to do another tax table update in you updated prior to January 4th.
  • The year end updates accomplish two concepts. First, we deliver reporting, enhancements and system adjustments. Second, at the end of December, we deliver tax table updates.
  • We recommend that you do an initial update anytime in December to receive all updates other than the tax table update.
  • For this year only, you should update again at the end of January. We will send an email when the Federal tax tables are released. 
  • You should update again before you process your first payroll for the the new year so that your tax tables are updated. The tax table updates are posted the last couple days of the calendar year.
  • You can update your system by clicking "Help | Release Notes", and follow the instructions. Many users still prefer to have support assist them with updates. Click "Help | Initiate Support Session", or call in to support to get assistance.
  • You should also update again in early April. Each year, the form 941 changes, and the IRS releases those changes in March. Thus, an additional update is required in early April prior to completing your Form 941 for the 1st quarter.