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We recommend that you maintaining a offsite redundant backup process. You probably already have a backup process in place, but a second (redundant) automated process that places a backup offsite can be invaluable in cases of theft or fire. Please contact support to get help with setting up a free Dropbox account, as well as putting an automated process that places a secure backup on the cloud every night. Once it is place, you will need to check your Dropbox account periodically to ensure your process is successfully placing backups. We will train you on how to check your Dropbox account. We take care of this process for those of you who use our cloud servers.


Cloud Servers


For a nominal fee, you can replace your file server with our cloud servers. The cloud servers are located at a data center that has a direct pipe into the internet facilitating speed. The primary reason most of our clients maintain file servers is to centralize the TimeSuite Toolbox Database. In addition to eliminating IT and hardware costs, your data can be accessed anywhere. Access TimeSuite Toolbox from any PC, MAC, Ipad, tablet, or phone while you’re traveling, at home or anywhere you have internet access. Please contact support to get more information on our cloud servers.


Year End Updates


The year end updates accomplish two concepts. First, we deliver reporting, enhancements and system adjustments. Second, at the end of December, we deliver tax table updates.


We recommend that you do an initial update anytime in December to receive all updates other than the tax table update.


You should update again before you process your first payroll for the the new year so that your tax tables are updated. The tax table updates are posted the last couple days of the calendar year.


You can update your system by clicking "Help | Release Notes", and follow the instructions. Many users still prefer to have support assist them with updates. Click "Help | Initiate Support Session", or call in to support to get assistance.


You should also update again in early April. Each year, the form 941 changes, and the IRS releases those changes in March. Thus, an additional update is required in early April prior to completing your Form 941 for the 1st quarter.


Archive and Speed


Both interfaces are fast (Toolbox and Americus). If you are experiencing anything other than fast, you have options. While SQL Anywhere (the database tool we use) does a great job with automatically optimizing many of the settings, there are settings that we can adjust. Please contact support to explore these options.

  • Archive Data older than 5 years. (see topic below for more info)

  • Have support defrag your database data or reset your log file. (see topic below for more info)

  • Adjust SQL Anywhere settings to better utilize file server resources.

  • Acquire more RAM for your file server.


Electronic Certified Payroll and Paycheck Stubs


Please contact support to get help with electronically submitting your certified payroll, and/or electronic paycheck stubs via email.


Recent Integrations


    Please contact support to find out more about the following integrations.

  • Roots Web Based Project Management

  • WASP inventory scanners and scanner software integration

  • Exaktime


Recent Report Enhancements/Adjustments

  • Enhancements to the default Job List dashboard have been completed.

    • New budget report under

  • The Financials dashboard has been enhanced to include Revenue number over several years.

G/L | 7. Print Analysis Report | Cash Flow Analysis

  • WH-347 Federal Certified Payroll Form has been completed

  • Adjustments to the Insurance Expirations and Payments report.

  • Enhanced GL Direct Costs and Burdens to include adjustments to be able to apply burden based on labor hours.

  • Additional reports have been added to the Job List dashboard report.

  • Consolidated Financials include drilldown to detail (Whitepage Link)


Grid Enhancements

  • Recurring Transactions (Contact Support to get setup)

  • Burden Utility Grid: Made adjustments to facilitate applying burden based on labor hours.


Data Archive


Many users are archiving data older than 5 years. If you are interested in archiving some of your historical data, please contact support. The data that gets purged will be set up in a second database so that you still have access. The old data will merely be in a separate “Archive” company.


Periodic Database Defrag and/or Log File Reset


Either one or both of these tasks can improve database performance.


The defrag concept reorganizes your data within the database on your hard disk. In a way, data is stored similar to the way pages are stored in a book. If the database runs out of room in one section of a book, data is stored in other sections of the book. Running a defrag places all pages together that should be together. The result is that the database server can retrieve pages faster when transaction data is together.


The reset log file concept is where the database server logs all changes to the database in a separate file (a log file). We can use the log file to recover your database if data corruption occurs. The log file can grow over time, and resetting it means archiving the file, and starting a new log file. A small log file takes less time for the database server to maintain than a large log file.


Please schedule with support to perform either one or both of these tasks if you are experiencing slowness. 


Recent Utilities


Recalculate and modify work comp posted on prior paychecks. (must be done through support)