Our Approach: Keep it simple. Enter a transactions, Click OK (no extra steps). Need to fix a transactions? Drill down on it, fix it, click ok, simple (an extensive audit trail is done for you). Steps to cross over a fiscal year? Zero steps.

Implement in a days. The system comes set up. We will import your existing data. The training processes are streamlined because of our significant efforts to keep it simple. Our approach distinguishes TimeSuite. Construction Industry CPAs will guide you through the process of only turning on what you need.

Our customers love our software. The efficiency and controls provide a superior user experience. We truly provide a superior accounting solution that is distinguished in the thoroughness in which the estimating and project management processes are supported. Our distinguishing features list includes date sensitive percentage of completion reporting with a full summary of contracts, automated payroll accruals and automated over/under billings adjustments. A full job schedule ties to your income statement. The schedule the bonding companies want to see.


We've developed software for all aspects of your operations. From Estimating to project management to accounting solutions. Additionally, we integrate with most estimating solutions on the market.


TimeSuite's has superior construction industry reporting geared to the banking and bonding industries. TimeSuite is truly superior to our competition. We thoroughly automate GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) for the Construction industry. If you have a vision for the inadequacies of Construction software, TimeSuite is the solution for you.


Eliminate software deception by requiring full access to the software you are evaluating before you make a decision.  "No" to access to fully operational software for your evaluation means you will not purchase if you are allowed access.


We have the largest dynamic feature set in the Construction industry. Dynamic means you turned on and off fields and features to keep dialogs simple while facilitating future needs.  


TimeSuite is a relational architected solution. Relational architected software gives you a competitive advantage. Modular architected software is software that you are not allowed to test drive. Modular (non-relational) systems have out dated architectures. They offer job security for those who spend the time to learn their numerous inefficiencies. Would you choose a clumsy, time consuming app that requires excessive training on your phone? With TimeSuite, everyone in your organization wins when job security comes from being productive and doing a great job.


A modular system is many subsystems bolted together that have transaction data under each module. They lack the ease of use and efficiency that Relational systems facilitate. The difference is positive surprises vs negative surprises. The difference is clean efficiency vs. unknowing inefficiency. The difference is cleanly delivering an automated audit trail with a dynamic setup while eliminating extra steps. Someone who recommends a modular solution has never used our software.


Expect transparency. Ask us to distinguish our system to other systems you are considering. You should ask for this information from each software vendor you are considering, and give each vendor the opportunity to refute the differences. Asking for distinguishing details is a very fair request.

Checklist of Concepts that Distinguish TimeSuite:

  • The only Construction software that thoroughly automates the Percentage of Completions Method of Accounting
  • Fast, intuitive and responsive

  • Automated audit trail (easily fix mistakes while the software does a comprehensive audit trail for you)

  • Web and mobile based interfaces
  • Web and mobile project management
  • Web and mobile scheduling
  • Web and mobile geo timecards
  • Customizable dialogs and .net grids (turn off the features  you don't need)

  • Real Time (not batch posting)

  • Dynamic setup (setup options can be changed after implementation)

  • Relational Architecture with fewer than 70 total tables (Not modular based. Modular based systems have 250+ tables) (Relational systems follow best practices with transaction data architecture while modular based systems do not. A relational architecture facilitates simplicity for the software developer and user. Quickbooks is an example of a relational system. Peachtree is an example of a modular system.)

  • Strong financial controls because the software was developed by a Construction Specific CPA firm.

  • Adherence to today’s best practices with database architecture rather than 1960s best practices.

  • Automated Over/under billings postings and automatic job cost to GL tie out

  • Over/Under Billings Reporting based on labor work date (not check date)

  • Full Summary of Contracts (Ties job costs and revenue to your income statement. Not just a bonding report.)

  • Extensive job burdening capability, including automated retroactive allocation of over/under indirect cost allocations.

  • Automated retroactive allocation of Over/under allocated indirect costs

  • All reports and forms can be edited and customized

  • Customizable dynamic workflow (The software provides for flexibility with work flow. Processes are not static like they are with modular systems.)

  • Does not require purging of transaction data at year end

  • Extensive job burdening capability

  • Requires job posting when posting to direct costs, and requires equipment/plant posting when posting to equipment/plant indirect costs.

  • Certified payroll

  • Multi-union payroll

  • Automated wages accruals (syncs Job Cost labor/equip dates with GL transaction dates)

  • Automated over/under billings accruals

  • Automated depreciation accruals

  • Unlimited tiers/levels for job budgets (provides for phase, cost code, change order levels)

  • Indirect cost pool functionality and reporting for calculating loaded labor factors that support your estimating process

  • Automated burden accruals with extensive customizable criteria that provides for accounting for your jobs the way they were estimated

  • Integrates with virtually all estimating systems

  • Full featured estimating

  • Production estimating and costing (per unit)

  • Ease of use and efficiency of use that comes with relational systems (and reduced human resource overhead)

  • The most extensive construction industry feature set of construction specific software

  • Turn-on/turn-off feature functionality to keep the system straight forward and simple

  • Extensive cost plus/time and billing functionality

  • Progress billing (unitary and percent complete)

  • Project management

  • Extensive security functionality

  • Work order management

  • Scheduling

  • Webinar and training videos

  • The system is not modular (You get the entire system when you purchase the software.)

  • Date sensitive reporting to a specific day (not just month end)

  • Designed to facilitate DCAA Audits

  • CPAs: We provide complimentary fully functioning copies of the software and unlimited technical support to accounting firms that have clients on our software.