TimeSuite Software was founded in 1994.  Our group grew out of a CPA firm that specialized within the Construction Industry. Our relational architected product was developed to fill the need for a well done product within the construction industry that automates the percentage of completion method of accounting, provides an automated audit trail, and provides a dynamic setup. These three concepts distinguish TimeSuite. We’re Located at 1745 Shea Center Drive, Suite 400, Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80129, (888)212-7990.


We have one system with many interfaces. TimeSuite Web is a browser based interface. You can find TimeSuite mobile in the mobile phone app stores. TimeSuite Toolbox is a traditional desktop interface, and TimeSuite Americus is an optional newer desktop interface. One TimeSuite product with four interfaces. Toolbox was developed using C++ beginning in 1994, Americus development began in 2004 using Microsoft Visual Studio and C#, TimeSuite Web and TimeSuite Mobile began development in 2016.


What to expect:

  • Expect transparency. Ask us to distinguish our system to other systems you are considering. You should ask for this information from each software vendor you are considering, and give each vendor the opportunity to refute the differences. Asking for distinguishing details is a very fair request.
  • Expect to be allowed to test drive software. Interact with the live system. Look for intuitive efficiencies vs arduous inefficiencies. The biggest mistake decision makers make in this process is that they make assumptions. A test drive should be an efficient and facilitated process. Don't make assumptions especially when the software vendor gives you excuses about why your are not allowed test drive the software.

  • Expect quick access to your data. You shouldn't have to run reports to see your data. Lists/Grids should provide quick views of data.

  • Expect fast, intuitive and responsive.

  • Expect a modern architecture.

    • Modular: A system that takes months to implement, significant training resources, and significant resources to maintain.

    • Relational: Implement in days, intuitive, and efficient to maintain.

  • Expect flexibility and dynamic customization: Unlike modular systems where many sub-systems are bolted together, relational systems offer more flexibility and feature capacity. Fitting an extensive feature set into an old modular architecture balloons a system into a massive complex system. The relational architecture can cleanly facilitate a much larger feature set.

  • Expect Comprehensive: We have the most extensive construction specific feature set in the industry, and have the controls that are necessary to ensure cost control integrity and a thorough audit trail. Keeping it simple means turning on what you need, and turning off what you don't need. TimeSuite is customizable. Customizable transaction entry screens, and customizable grids allow us to be specific to your needs.The result is a user friendly application that maximizes efficiency. A dynamic setup means that you are not stuck with features you choose on day one. Expect to be able to change setup options after implementation.

  • Expect GAAP Accounting Automated: We are the only Construction Software that automates the "Percentage of Completion" method of accounting

    • Automated accrued wages to ensure your job costs tie to GL (labor should be based on work date)

    • Automated over/under billings entries

    • Job Profitability Projection Grids provides for projecting profitability at the direct cost type level of Cost/Phase codes

    • An ability to burden projects in almost limitless ways (support your estimating process)

    • Automated retroactive allocation of over/under allocated indirect costs

    • A full job schedule that always ties to your income statement and balance sheet


  • Controllers should be able to run changes through in seconds. Expect an automated process that adheres to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for the Construction Industry. We are unique in that we automate, and closely adhere to the guidelines provided for in SOP81-1. Without TimeSuite, generating financial information in optimal formats requires a professional with industry experience to waste a lot of time on processes that should be automated.

  • Adhere to new GAAP standards by projecting profitability on a budget line level rather than the job level.
  • Spend your time ensuring the quality of your information. Spend your time on what makes you valuable.

Expect the Entire Suite:

  • You receive the entire system when you go with us. Everything includes: Job Cost, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Quotes, Purchase Orders, Subcontractor Control, Work Order Management, Inventory, Bank Reconciliation, Fixed Assets, Plant Management, Project Management, Estimating, Scheduling, Document Control, Contact Management and Security.