Release Notes

Receive interim release enhancements and issue resolutions by reapplying both the database update and the reports update (see Reapplying Updates section below).


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Reapply Updates                                             

 .   Database Update:

·         Click the following link:

·         Click Run.

·         The default directory is correct (c:\toolbox\win32\)


     Reports Update

·         Click the following link:

·         Click Run.

·         The default directory is T:\reports\.    

·         The correct directory is the reports directory on your file server.

To determine the correct reports directory:

Ø  Right click on your Toolbox Icon

Ø  Click Properties

Ø  The "Start in:" folder is the correct program directory.

Ø  The correct reports folder will be similar except it will read "reports" instead of "win32"   

o    For example, if your icon's “start in” folder is: "T:\win32", change the unzip folder to: "T:\reports"

o    Or, if your icon’s “start in” folder is "T:\toolbox\win32", change the unzip folder to: "T:\toolbox\reports”


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