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  • Multi-State/Province payroll software with ease of use.

  • Union Payroll.

  • Certified Payroll.

  • Confidential Payroll.

  • Enter equipment transaction through payroll software entry.

  • Import data from any PDA payroll software that exports data.

  • Burden can be applied across all employees or specific employees in many different ways.

  • User definable setup for: Pension/Deferred, Compensation/Benefit plans, cafeteria plans etc.

  • Distribute to unlimited jobs, phases, cost codes, general ledger accounts, worker’s comp., classes, unions, trade classifications, etc.

  • Magnetic Media.

  • Notes section for each employee in the payroll software.

  • Vacation and sick day accruals.

  • Garnishments as well as unlimited definable deductions based on hourly amounts, percentages, or amounts within a pay period.

  • Local and occupational tax/head, tax calculations.

  • Unlimited pay rate tables.

  • Unlimited billing rate tables, including rates for regular, overtime and double-time.

  • Time and billing for employee hours including mark-up/down and work in process.
  • From anywhere in the field remote time-card and expense entry.

  • User definable tax definition changes for Canadian and other International payroll requirements.

  • Import payroll accounting entries from any system that downloads data.

  • Limit payroll deductions, additions, contributions at the employee level.

Payroll Accounting Transaction Procedures

(Multi state, certified payroll, union, work comp, direct deposit, auto accrued wages accrual, etc.)
From within the accounting software system.
Select Payroll | Employee List. double-click on any employee. (Note the following:)
  • - The billing scale in the lower right allows unlimited billing rates.
  • - The subject to taxes can be modified for non-standard payroll requirements.
  • - Under the Rates tab, " SAL JC" pay type allows salaried personnel to be coded to the job with the system determining the hourly rate.
  • - The workers comp classification can be defaulted from the employee file or the cost code (see Job Cost).
  • - The Burden % allows for an additional burden to be placed on the jobs specific to the employee.
  • - The"Add/Ded" tab allows for reoccurring items for the employee.

For manual or after the fact payroll checks: Select Payroll | Employee List | Manual Check.

  • Select Payroll | Payroll Adjustments : To set up 401K adjustments, cafeteria plan adjustments, additional with-holdings, advance pay back, etc.
  • Select Payroll | Certified Payroll: To set up certified payroll. (Note: If you have complex additions/contributions/deductions with certified
    payroll, the union area can be used to facilitate these items.)
  • Select Payroll | Federal State or State Taxes: To modify liability/expense account associations, or view/adjust payroll tax tables.
  • Select Payroll | Union List: To set up union definitions or to set up complex certified payroll adjustments.
  • Select Payroll | Workers Compensation: To set up your effective Workers Compensation rates.

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